Bedford Road School Uniform

We encourage all pupils to wear the correct school uniform;

  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore dress
  • Grey or black trousers
  • Green school sweatshirt/cardigan or green jumper or cardigan
  • White or green polo shirt, blouse or shirt
  • Safe, sensible black shoes (trainers should not be worn in the classroom). Please make sure that fastenings are easy for your child and for the teacher; Velcro or buckle fastenings are preferable until your child is able to tie their own shoe laces. Sandals worn in the summer should NOT have open toes.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 may bring trainers to school to change into for lunchtime games. If trainers are provided for lunchtime play they must be all black or all white (no colours permitted).
  • Green and white dresses in summer.


PE kit is essential. All children should wear black shorts, white T-shirt and white or black slip- on or velcro plimsolls for PE. In Key Stage 2 children often go outdoors in colder weather. During the winter months it is advisable to ensure that your child has black jogging bottoms and a warm black fleece in their PE kit. If your child brings trainers for PE, they must be all black or all white. (No colours permitted)


The following items are available to purchase from the school office and online


  • polo shirts with school logo
  • sweatshirts and sweat cardigans with school logo
  • PE bags with PE kit (younger pupils)
  • PE bags with school logo (older pupils)
  • baseball hats with school logo
  • woolly hats with school logo
  • rain proof fleece coats with school logo


School uniform can be ordered online from Price and Buckland our existing supplier, or alternatively from Tesco, details of this will be available from the school office. It will be possible to order uniform through school, order forms available from the school office, this will be from Price and Buckland only, and may take a little longer.


Book bags with the school logo will only be available from the school office, where an order form can be obtained. Correct payment should accompany all orders and should be in a clearly marked sealed envelope.




General presentation:

Haircuts should be neat and smart. ‘Tramline’ style haircuts (patterns shaved into the hair) are not suitable for school. Hair bands and clips should be small and neat and in plain colours. Ideally long hair should be tied back.


Watches and Jewellery

If your child is able to tell the time, they may wish to wear a watch to school; please ensure that your child’s name is engraved onto it. Children should not wear jewellery to school; if children have pierced ears they should wear a simple stud. Children are asked to remove these or cover their earrings for PE. Rings are considered too dangerous for many school activities and children will be asked to remove them.

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