Egyptian scrolls (year 4)

These fantastic scrolls were made by year 4 to explain the journey to the underworld as believed by Ancient Egyptians.

Science week enrichment – year 3 and 6

Year 6 were visited by Bedford Modern outreach team to explore science experiments on Friday afternoon.  Year 3 had the opportunity to visit Bedford Girls Junior School and experience Sophie the dinosaur (who was happy to receive pats!)  Thank you so much to the schools for these experiences!  We are very grateful.


Bedfordshire Festival Week

Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Bedfordshire Festival this week.  Karol came third in the year 6 prepared reading and Lily-Mae second in year 5!  Everyone in the school has been very proud!

Year 6 visit to the National History Museum

Year 6 had a brilliant day at the National History Museum on Monday.  The following day there was some fabulous perspective art work created using the ‘into the earth core’ escalator image.


Riverside Tennis sessions

Thank you to Rob from Riverside Tennis Club, who came and worked with foundation stage and year 1 today.

Isabel Iguana – Imagination

Isabel was a lovely colourful iguana. She loved being a lizard and especially enjoyed playing with her friends. Sometimes though, she would feel sad when she would go to visit them because they had lots and lots of toys to play with. At her house, Isabel didn’t have very many toys, but she often collected boxes and other things to play with. One day, Isabel and her friends were all playing together with some cars and they wanted a garage to fix some broken cars. All her friends were upset because they couldn’t carry on their game, but Isabel showed her friends how to use a cardboard box to make and pretend to have a garage. All her friends agreed that they were glad Isabel had a good imagination so they could play their game together.

World Book Day

Great fun on World Book Day today! Costumes and shelfies! The children had a brilliant day exploring favourite authors and enjoying reading. Thank you to everyone for the costumes and all the great activities organised. ☺️


Kuba Caterpillar – Concentrate

This week the children are learning about Kuba caterpillar and how concentration helps learning.
Once upon a time there were a family of caterpillars – Mummy caterpillar, Daddy caterpillar and their son, Kuba the caterpillar. One day, Mummy caterpillar asked Kuba to go out and collect some leaves for dinner. As he set off he met his friend Tom, who wanted to go and play football. But Kuba said “No, I need to collect my leaves”. A bit later, he met his cousin Casper, who asked him to go to his house for lemonade, but again, Kuba said “No, I have to collect leaves. I need to concentrate on what Mummy asked me to do”. When he had finished collecting leaves, he went home and told his Mummy what his friends had said. “Well done Kuba for concentrating on what I asked you to do, now you have finished, you can go and play!”

March’s Value is Happiness

How could you spread a little happiness today?


Pancakes for lunch today!


Thank you for all your wonderful donations over the past half term, both for the penny war and make the rules day! You have raised £850! Also a heartfelt thanks to the PTFA for organising! A very special well done to Ash and Rowan class for winning the penny war 

Library events

Hazel class visited the library this afternoon and picked up this information about half term activities in Kempston!

Internet Safety Day 2020

Click on any of the following links to learn more about how to keep safe online.

Safer Internet Day


Breck Foundation

CEOP – Online police

Think U Know


Year 5 visit to the Bedford Boys School Observatory

A fantastic evening at the observatory for some lucky year 5 children. It was a very clear night and we were able to see lots of stars and the international space station also flew over! Thanks to all the staff who came along.

Prebend Centre – a message of thanks

To all who donated to the SMART Prebend CRIB appeal

I wanted to send a huge thank you from us all for the wonderful donation towards our CRIB appeal, raising a fantastic £105 towards the centre. We are hugely grateful for your support, and can imagine the children put on a fantastic Christmas performance.

With very many thanks

Kind Regards,

Jen Robus | Bedfordshire Service Manager

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