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For a number of years In Bedford Borough, schools have had “Reading Dogs” and “Therapy Dogs” as standard practice. Many children who find reading difficult are more willing and able to read to the non-judgemental audience of an animal than they are to a human being! Therapy dogs are similarly being used as a source of comfort and relaxation for children and adults who may need “someone to talk to” or just someone who will accept them and offer comfort or a calming influence in their lives. There is much evidence that children who struggle with relationships or with managing their own emotions gain a great deal from spending time with a pet. 

With these ideas in mind, the governors have agreed to having a dog in school.

Please see links below for further information and details of our policy and risk assessment.

Elsie our school dog belongs to our previous Headteacher Mrs Gould.



Further information in relation to the school dog

School Dog – Letter to Parents

School Dog Policy

School Dog Risk Assessment

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