This week the children are learning about Kuba caterpillar and how concentration helps learning.
Once upon a time there were a family of caterpillars – Mummy caterpillar, Daddy caterpillar and their son, Kuba the caterpillar. One day, Mummy caterpillar asked Kuba to go out and collect some leaves for dinner. As he set off he met his friend Tom, who wanted to go and play football. But Kuba said “No, I need to collect my leaves”. A bit later, he met his cousin Casper, who asked him to go to his house for lemonade, but again, Kuba said “No, I have to collect leaves. I need to concentrate on what Mummy asked me to do”. When he had finished collecting leaves, he went home and told his Mummy what his friends had said. “Well done Kuba for concentrating on what I asked you to do, now you have finished, you can go and play!”

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