Positives Tea

The first positives tea with foundation stage today. The chocolate roll and blackcurrant was a hit!

Library visits

Three groups of foundation stage children visited Kempston library today.  All of foundation stage, year 1 and 2 will be visiting over the next few weeks.  If you have not joined the library, please pop along with some ID and complete an application form.  It is free to join and you can borrow up to 10 books at a time.  The library also have access to a very wide range of online audio and book collections, again all free of charge.



Stunning Start – January 2020

A fantastic stunning start morning. There have been knights in year 1, Antarctic adventures in year 2, pilots in training in year 3, tomb explorers in year 4, Mayflower pilgrims in year 5 and Palaeontologists in year 6. A very busy start to the year!


Year 3 – Verulamium Visit

The children in year 3 finished off learning about The Romans with a visit to the Verulamium in St. Albans.

Brain Smart Day 2020

The new term began with another fantastic Brain Smart Day.  Groups of children enjoyed a walk around the river, exploring winter art, designing and building, music, science, PE, a mystery hunt around Kempston, activities around the story character Elmer, mindfulness, cooking and board games!

New playground equipment

All the children are very happy with all the new playground equipment that has been kindly purchased by the PTFA.

January’s Value is Co-operation

Merry Christmas

All the children have had a fabulous last day.  They have enjoyed a whole school assembly, fun & games in the classroom, and a visit from the man himself.  Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year


Cycle Safety

PSCO Johns spoke to all the children in assembly today about how to keep safe on your bike


Year 2-6 Christmas Carol Service at Kempston East

The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk  to and the Christmas service at Kempston East this morning.

Fabulous Finish

All the children have finished their topics this week with a fabulous finish morning.

Foundation stage and year 1 Christingle

The children in Foundation stage and year 1 all enjoyed making their Christingles and the talk delivered by Simon from the Transfiguration Church.

Year 5 Carol Service

The children from year 5 entertained families and friends at Kempston East Methodist church on Tuesday evening.  Please go to Facebook to listen to The Twelve Days of Christmas!


KS1 nativity

The KS1 performances of Born in a Barn were a real treat this week.  Please go to Facebook and listen to some of the music.


Foundation stage Christmas production – Snowman at Sunset

The Foundation stage children performed their Christmas production this week, to rave reviews!

“Great performance..a massive well done to all the teachers involved and to the 35+ 4/5 years olds…well behaved children and they all knew the words and songs. They all did amazingly x”

“I can’t believe how fantastic all the children were. A big well done and thank you to all the staff who taught the children the songs and their lines as well as all the other activities of daily school life.  As a first time mum it made me very proud that my child is a part of Bedford Road School 😊”

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