Believe Drama Club

It’s back!

Year 5 sports festival

Year 5 attended the multi sports festival at Biddenham International School on Wednesday 4th October.

Careers Week

3rd Bedford Road Reading Festival

Pictures from the June 23 event.

Positive Tea

Yes!  These wonderful teas are back.  First up these brilliant children from year 3, who demonstrate the school values every single day!

Bedford Road Reading Festival

Over the course of the week, 80 children recited poems or reading extracts from a range of authors.

Key Stage 2 Library Visits

Key stage 2 children visited Kempston library at the end of April 22.  It was the first school visit the library had welcomed for 26 months!  The children had the opportunity to explore the books and talk with the library manager.

Year 3 Sing On at Bedford Corn Exchange

Year 3 have spent the past three months learning a wide range of original songs to sing at the Cool for School Sing on Event at the Corn Exchange – they were fabulous!


World Book Day Photos

World Book Day 22

BB Sessional Workers Required

Decoration Day!

Remembrance 21

Art in Nature

Take Away Tasks

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