We believe that children come to our school with a wide variety of learning experiences, preferences and needs.  We aim to provide all children with a positive, enjoyable learning experience, enabling all children to grow and to fulfil their potential.

The curriculum is delivered using a thematic approach to study. To ensure that children and teachers are interested in the topics studied; topics are built around the interests of the members of our school community.  Themes are adapted, improved and changed regularly to ensure a fresh approach to teaching.  All themes begin with a ‘stunning start’ to stimulate curiosity and a desire to learn. They are then concluded in style with a ‘fabulous finish’.

In planning our themes, the children’s prior interests and experiences are considered.  Children learn in many different ways and our lessons cater for different learning styles, ensuring active participation in all activities.  This active approach to learning will ensure that children are motivated.

Our effective use of assessment for learning ensures that children can see the purpose of their own learning and all lessons are expected to be led by an appropriate learning objective which is shared with the children, along with related success criteria.

If you would like to read more, our full teaching and learning policy is available from the school office.


We Aim:


To seek excellence in all that we attempt, setting high standards and targets to ensure that all of our children reach their potential.


To offer a rich meaningful curriculum which provides memorable learning experiences.

To promote learning and high aspiration through the positive ethos of the school.
To provide a secure environment where children feel valued and where their choices and beliefs are respected.
To support and extend pupils’ learning opportunities.
To work with our local community to enrich and enhance the lives of all who come into contact with our school.
To encourage independence whilst appreciating the needs of others. To actively seek to do the right thing, to be a good friend and to leave our school with a well developed set of personal values.
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